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Offer Manager

That’s where Offer Manager by ShowingTime+, the powerful offer management tool included with Appointment Center by ShowingTime+, comes into play. To demonstrate how Offer Manager is to offer management as ShowingTime’s showing services have been to showing management, we’ve highlighted three benefits Offer Manager provides that we believe are truly game changing.

Side-by-Side Offer Comparison Tool

While there’s a lot of attention placed on easing the burden on home buyers these days, we know that selling a home can be just as overwhelming. Even at the point in which offers start to come in, agents and their sellers still face many decisions which can prove to be very stressful.

“Before Offer Manager, I would literally have to print out every offer,” said Kathy Damewood, an agent in Englewood, Fla. “I either made my own spreadsheet, or I had to jot the pertinent information down longhand on a big yellow legal pad. It was cumbersome and a waste of time, and there wasn’t one place to keep track of the documents I needed.”

Offer Manager’s side-by-side Offer Comparison Report was developed specifically to streamline the process of comparing multiple offers. Unlike the old days of having to coordinate offers individually, the Offer Comparison Report offers agents a single, easy-to-read chart that highlights all the relevant details of the offers received. Best of all, the report is accessible from a desktop, laptop or, with the ShowingTime mobile app, from a mobile device, making it very easy for agents to show their clients.

In a time in which it’s not uncommon for agents to receive offers that can number in the double-digits based on high demand, the Offer Comparison Report is an especially useful feature to parse the many offers that come in.


Accessible from a desktop/laptop or mobile device from the ShowingTime mobile app, the Offer Comparison Report gives agents an easy way to provide sellers a high-level overview of the offers their listing has received.


Communication Features

For all the many benefits, the introduction of email and texting as tools for agents to communicate with each other has only served to change – but not eliminate – the back-and-forth chaos that can complicate offers. Email and texting alone are not enough to prevent one agent from being unclear about whether the other agent has received an important document, details on contingencies or other vital information.

With Offer Manager’s suite of integrated communication tools, this situation has thankfully become a non-issue.

For starters, Offer Manager provides confirmation when an offer has been viewed, complete with details on the timing when the offer summary was seen. Offer Manager also gives agents the ability to send an email blast email to all buyer’s agents who have scheduled a showing, like in a highest and best situation, removing the need to reach out to each of them one at a time.


It’s never been easier to receive confirmation that an offer has been viewed than with Offer Manager.

Sending individual emails to each potential listing contact for status updates is now a thing of the past, thanks to Offer Manger’s mass notification ability.


Of course, sometimes it’s necessary to contact an agent by phone or email. When that’s the case, Offer Manager allows agents to easily access all available contact information, letting them easily text, email or call a buyer’s agent who has made an offer without having to search.

All Offer Details on One Screen

Thanks to Offer Manager’s streamlined interface, all offers are automatically organized by listing and allows easy access to all offer documents, an at-a-glance offer summary and the buyer’s agent contact information. What once was managed by email and spreadsheets can now be managed from a single screen on mobile or desktop. This is perhaps Offer Manager’s most essential benefit for the agent that wants to up their game professionally and do so must faster.


Accessible from desktop or mobile device, Offer Manager makes every piece of essential information for each offer accessible from one screen.


When time is of the essence for both seller and buyer alike, agents need every competitive advantage they can get to offer the highest level of service their clients expect. For them, Offer Manager may be just the advantage they need. Offer Manager is included with Appointment Center by ShowingTime+, our full-featured showing management solution.

Pricing Benchmark Report

Comparable Listing Analysis at a Glance Effortlessly access useful market intelligence from within the Showing Time+ showing management platform with the Pricing Benchmark Report.