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Flat Fee MLS-How it Works

Mountain Lake Realty is a flat fee MLS Real Estate service and can save you a lot of money. At least 50% off the commission you would typically pay. I sell 130 plus homes a year.Top 1% in Arizona.

With the accessibility of the Arizona MLS listing on various websites and arizona multiple listing service survey shows that 90% of buyers start looking for properties on the internet. Thus the average listing agents have little more to offer than what az flat fee Listing are offering, but they collect a sizable amount of commission when the home is sold.

  • MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service” and is “the real estate market”.
  • Over 90% of all properties sold in the US are a result of MLS listing exposure.
  • Being listed in the MLS means all the local Realtors are able to find your home in their MLS database.
  • Buyers are able to find your home on hundreds of public MLS websites, where they are most likely to be searching for a home.
  • MLS listed properties sell faster and for more money than non-MLS listed “for sale by owner” properties.
  • You receive the same MLS listing in the same local MLS for a one-time low Flat Fee instead of paying a 6% commission.
  • You retain the right to sell your property yourself, without paying a commission!
  • More exposure on hundreds of national MLS websites.
  • You are in control of your listing! Realtors working with qualified Buyers will call you directly because your name and phone numbers are posted on the MLS listing.
  • You are in control of the contract offer! You are able to negotiate terms and conditions with the Realtor directly, saving both time and stress.
  • You may cancel your MLS listing at any time.

Only a licensed Real Estate Broker who belongs to the MLS and pays the MLS dues/fees is able to list a property. An unlicensed individual cannot list a property in the MLS. The Real Estate Broker is responsible for the accuracy of the listing and keeping it current. A Broker may pay fines if a property is actually under contract or sold, but still listed as “Active” in MLS. Fines are imposed to encourage all Brokers to keep the MLS listing as current as possible.
When you list with MLR  a licensed Real Estate Broker who belongs to the MLS where your property is located will be assigned to your listing.

The major advantage is that you still gain maximum exposure to active buyers that are working MLS listings Arizona with real estate buyer agents. These MLS phoenix use the MLS as their primary source for listings currently on the market for their clients.

Purchase Your Arizona Flat Fee MLS Listing 


click select this package on the front page

Provide Information For Your Property

submit as much information as you can on the property

public remarks 800 letters and spaces private remarks 400 letters and spaces

Your phone # in MLS so Realtors will call for showing

Upload Your Photos

we will send you a link to upload your photos


Sign Listing Agreement

we will send you an MLS input sheet and Contract

What is an MLS listing?

MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service,” the MLS is a database of available homes for sale that licensed REALTORS® can access to find homes for their buyers and to list for their sellers.

Many sellers are wanting to avoid paying real estate agent commissions that can top six percent. With the average cost of a home in the Arizona at $300, sellers can fork over nearly $17,000 at closing. Why so much? Sellers are responsible for paying not one, but two agents’ commissions at closing. Typically, three percent goes to their own agent and another three percent goes to the buyer’s agent as a fee for bringing the buyer to the sale.

Many sellers don’t know that both commissions are negotiable, particularly in today’s competitive market. Still, even with a discounted commission, sellers want to keep more of their own money. This is the main reason why so many home sellers decide to sell their own homes through Mountain Lake Realty

The Maricopa county MLS.. ARMLS is THE place to get your property found. Unless you have neighbors, family, friends, or co-workers who are wanting to buy your home off-market, you will likely have a difficult time selling your home without an MLS listing.

The MLS is a database of property listings and all of their many details. Agents fill out the fields for their clients and then make it “live,” where other agents and brokers can see it in a search. The listing is also available to real estate websites, such asⓇ, Zillow, Trulia and real estate agency websites. All of these sites make the property database searchable for consumers.

It also automatically posts the listing to hundreds of real estate websites— some of which will only pull from the MLS. Most REALTORS® are considered “Full Service” and will list your house in the MLS, only if you pay them a listing commission (2.5%-3%) and a buyers agent commission (2.5%-3%) for a total of 5%-6%, and higher in some cases.

Mountain Lake Realty is a state-licensed real estate broker that provides more than just “Entry Only” service. You pay a pre-set sum of money, and we place your listing on the MLS, schedule your open houses, and make changes to your listing as you move through the sale process.

We have extras like photos and lockboxes and more.

We also have a VIP Service if you need more help.

Don’t Just List Your Home – ACTUALLY, SELL IT!

Biggest Advantages of Selling Your Home with a Flat-Fee MLS Listing

One benefit of choosing a flat-fee MLS listing is just how much it simplifies selling your home, which can often turn into a fairly complicated process. There are actually three reasons to consider choosing a flat-fee MLS real-estate agent if you’re thinking about selling your house.

1. You Keep More of the Dollars from Your Home’s Sale

Turning a profit may not be the primary reason you’re selling your home, no one wants to take a loss on such a sizable investment.

That’s why so many sellers have begun using Arizona Flat Fee MLS listings

For example, if your home sells for $400,000 and you agreed to pay your agent and the buyer’s agent a total of 6% percent of the sales price for a traditional listing, then you’re out $24,000!

When you use ARIZONA FLAT FEE MLS LISTING , you don’t have to worry about that kind of  overhead no matter how much a buyer agrees to pay for your home. From the very beginning what you’ll owe your listing agent, it’s much easier to decide what to price your house at and what you can afford in a new home.

It is important to keep in mind that most flat fee MLS listings  do not include the buyer’s agent commission. Therefore, your flat fee will save you a ton of money on the sell side but most likely will not affect the buyer’s agent commission.  

MLS dirty little secret COMMISSION RANGE FROM $1 TO 3%


2. An Experienced Agent Still Handles the Entire Sale of Your Home

In the past, home sellers who weren’t satisfied with paying agents thousands to sell their home only had one alternative: handle the entire sale on their own.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

Selling a home requires everything from connections with agents in the area who represent buyers to an understanding of local real-estate laws and contracts. Juggling these responsibilities with those of everyday life usually means the venture doesn’t get very far.

That’s why FSBO  among sellers are using Arizona Flat fee MLS listings

While some flat fee listing services only put your home on the MLS, Mountain Lake Flat fee MLS others actually offer the help of an experienced agent who provides the same services of a traditionally-priced listing. As a result, there’s simply no need to take the labor-intensive, for sale by owner approach. Even though you’re saving money with a flat fee listing compared to the traditional route, you don’t have to forgo the essential services of an experienced real-estate agent, much less try to perform them on your own.

3. Peace of Mind While the Sale Proceeds

When you choose  Flat fee MLS at Mountain lake Realty, you will avoid some of the anxiety that often comes along with this process.

When you know what your real-estate agent will charge for the sale, regardless of how much you get for your home, there’s no need to constantly second-guess your asking price.

Flat Fee MLS Companies with Subpar Reputations from Clever

While your individual experience may vary, these companies have poor reviews, and you should be cautious about doing business with them.

MLS My Home

This company offers a simple $99 package, which includes a six month listing, six photos (though you can upload more for an additional fee) and a separate webpage for your listing.

However, they have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, a 1-out-of-5 star rating on Yelp, and a 2.5-out-of-5 star rating on Trustpilot. Buyer beware!


This flat fee MLS referral service puts you in touch with local brokers and agents who’ll list your home on the MLS for a pre-negotiated fee. Unlike some services, they require you to offer a buyer’s agent commission. For $295-$395, they offer online home valuations, downloadable forms, and once you upload your information, your listing goes live within 24 hours.

However, they do have a mediocre B- rating with the Better Business Bureau, and only 3.5 stars, out of a possible 5, on Trustpilot, based on 82 reviews.

Big companies and Ultra cheap prices do not equal success in the flat fee business


Advantages of Working with A Flat-Fee MLS Real Estate Broker

Why Flat-Fee Worth It?.

1. Lower Cost 

Sellers choose Mountain Lake Realty  a flat-fee mls service is that it can be significantly less expensive than a full service REALTORⓇ.                                                                                        At Mountain Lake Realty you will still be paying $295-$599, it is at a fraction of the realtor percentage of sale, 3% commission,  you would pay otherwise.

2. No Commitment

When you sign on with a full-service real estate agent, you agree to certain terms and conditions. You are locked into an agreement until your home sells, or you or your agent determine the relationship is no longer in your best interests. With MLR ARIZONA FLAT FEE MLS, however, you can cancel anytime.


3. Best Service 

When you pay a real estate agent full commission, you’re paying for a comprehensive package of services. The commission you pay them goes towards:

  • working with you to determine a selling price
  • advice on how to stage your home to sell
  • scheduling a professional photographer
  • placing a key lockbox on your property
  • listing your home on the MLS
  • placing an agency sign in your yard
  • scheduling and managing any open houses
  • tracking showings
  • helping you negotiate any offers


4. More Efficient Sales Process

No matter how much individual attention a FULL SERVICE promises you, the truth is, you are sharing that FULL SERVICE agent with others, sometimes many of others. You are at the mercy of their schedules. Even if you aren’t sharing them with other home sellers, that’s a red flag. Why don’t they represent several clients?

 MLR ARIZONA FLAT FEE MLS we are always in office working with sellers only


5. Flexible Schedule and more control

 You aren’t tied to an agent’s schedule. You can book showings, open houses and closings on your schedule and gives you more control

From pricing your home and scheduling showings, to determining if you want an open house and negotiating a deal and inspections, when you sell your home on your own or with limited agent support, you make up your own rules.


List on MLS

Purchase Your Flat Fee MLS Listing 

click select this package on the front page

Provide Information For Your Property

submit as much information as you can on the property

public remarks 800 letters and spaces private remarks 400 letters and spaces

Your phone # in MLS so Realtors will call for a showing

Upload Your Photos

we will send you a link to upload your photos


Sign Listing Agreement

we will send you an MLS input sheet and Contract