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Professional Document Services

  • All Real Estate Forms Signed Electronically through DocuSign
  • Open and Manage Escrow
  • Assistance with all Required Real Estate Disclosures
  • Coordinate Home Inspections and Termite Inspection
  • Prepare Your Response to Home Inspection
  • Communicate with Lender/Appraiser
  • Coordinate Home Warranty
  • Communicate with Escrow Officer 

            Identify Rebates and Concessions 

  1. Transactional Focus: The term “transactional” indicates a focus on the specific transactional aspects of the real estate process, such as handling paperwork,  and facilitating the closing process. The limited service offering may mean that certain responsibilities typically handled by traditional agents are left to the buyer.
  2. Flexibility: This model provides flexibility for home buyers who may want to customize the level of service they receive. It allows buyer to choose and pay for only the services they feel they need assistance with, rather than paying a percentage of the property’s purchase price.Limited service  buyer brokers often step in when a buyer has already identified a property or has a clear idea of what they want, and they primarily assist with the transactional aspects of the purchase. This may include handling paperwork, coordinating with the seller’s agent, managing deadlines, and ensuring that the closing process goes smoothly.

In summary, a flat fee transactional limited service real estate buyer broker offers cost-effective and customizable services to home buyers, focusing on specific transactional aspects of the home-buying process while allowing buyers to take on more responsibilities themselves

It lets the buyer deal directly with Listing agent because Listing agent is not paying buyer broker a % of commission-The buyer is paying the Limited service buyer broker directly which also allows them to ask for seller concessions to lower price instead of paying buyer broker % of sellers commission.


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Seller concessions     

Benefits For Buyers

Seller concessions have  several benefits for buyers, including saving on upfront costs and having more money to put towards a down payment.

Seller concessions for repairs are also a benefit for buyers and are usually a good reason sellers might agree to concessions. Most people understand that if something is broken, it needs to be fixed.

For buyers, Seller concessions can make the total cost of purchasing a home less if they’re used in the right way.


Home Price $500,000 

 Buyer Broker 0                   

Seller Concession $15,000

Buyer Consult $500-$1000

Home Purchase $486,000

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