License Number: SE104207000
License Status: Active
License Type: Real Estate Self Employed Broker
Original License Date: 10/1/1998
Expiration Date: 10/31/2020



10 Things That Cannot Go In The MLS


  1. Web addresses or phone numbers in the public remarks
  2. Advertising of a third party vendor
  3. Anything that could cause harm to the property or people living in the property i.e. alarm codes in the incorrect area
  4. An RV for sale
  5. Conditional commission comments
  6. Requiring the use of a specific title company
  7. Real estate signs that you can read any contact information on
  8. Incentives that deter someone from using their current agent because of said incentive
  9. Social Security numbers
  10. Public documents containing contact information




Survey 89% of FSBO would pay a buyers broker

Survey 69% Expireds Listings will re-list within 24 to 48 hours 

Survey 81% of FRBO would pay a RENTAL broker






Contract Review terms of service

Mountain Lake Realty is a Real Estate licensed company that may assist in real estate transactions. Mountain Lake Realty may also provide drafting suggestions, explanations of typical outcomes, suggested process actions and digital signature capabilities in connection with your use of the our services. Nevertheless, You alone are responsible for all actions taken and all contracts transmitted in connection with the purchase or sale of Your home. You alone are responsible for reading and understanding your Purchase Contract and the transaction and process outlined therein. If You do not understand any portion of the contract, the process or transaction, You must reach out to Mountain Lake Realty for clarification. CALL FOR MORE INFO

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